My name is April and I'm a wife and mother who loves of all things thrifted and vintage. I'm an avid thrifter who loves bringing new life to old treasures. I have 30+ years of experience thrifting, growing up shopping at garage sales and thrift stores. Come every Friday and Saturday morning I am up at sunrise with a big cup of coffee searching for the vintage treasure YOU may be looking for. 
I'm the owner of an Etsy shop called Vintage Gingerbread where I sell various vintage housewares, home decor and kitchy collectibles. 
At the moment the bulk of my products are sold through "pop up" sales on Instagram (username @vintage_gingerbread). 
My personal Instagram username is (@gingerbreadblog)

My personal vintage favorites are milkglass, Pyrex and needlepoint. I also swoon for vintage quilts and afghans. I love incorporating vintage furniture and art into my home along side the "farm house" feel of butcher blocks and a ton of baskets. 
If you're looking for more examples of my "personal" style you can check out my Pinterest boards HERE (username "gingerbreadblog")

I recently published a series of thrifting tips and tricks you can find HERE that help you organize and optimize your adventures in "garage sailing" and thrift store shopping. 
If you are looking for a specific vintage item you can email me at:


I keep a list of items customers are looking for and will tag you when they are on sale.

Thank you for stopping by!