February 25, 2013

Stamp Clothing Using a Sponge

Our family is in the midst of a HUGE baby boom. Both of my beautiful sister in laws are pregnant with boys and due a few weeks apart! I am beyond happy that my boys will have two sweet little cousins to grow up with. 
A new little baby means new little clothes, and you know I'm a sucker for shopping!
I've seen a lot of baby clothes lately with repeated geometric patterns, and I thought I would give this trend a try myself. 
I posted a doily stamping tutorial HERE a few months ago that worked really well using puffy paint. This tutorial is a modified version of that project, using sponges instead of doilies.
You will need:
* Sponge (I bought the Ocello brand because they are sealed in plastic and soft when you open them. No water needed.)
* Scissors
* Puffy paint
* Baby clothes (washed)

Cut your sponge into a shape, I made hearts and treasure map marks.
Squeeze a big dollop of puffy paint and gently dab your sponge into the paint. You don't want to press to much paint onto your baby clothes, because then the paint will dry and be really thick and stiff. You just want enough paint to make your design. I slipped a piece of cardboard into my onsies because the fabric is really thin, and you don't want the paint to go through. My baby leggings were O.K., they were really thick.
Stamp away! This is the fun part, you really can't go wrong with simple or complex patterns.
I also stamped a onsie to match so I could gift the little princes a matching outfit. Swoon!
 I forgot how small newborn baby clothes are. 
Babies are my favorite. . .
I can't wait to hold my nephews in these sweet outfits. 
Sniff. Sniff.
My womb hurts. Ha!


Hannah Evans said...

I LOVE these!! Super cute! I did some fabric stamping for Christmas gifts (not yet posted however :-S) but this idea with a sponge is awesome, will definitely try it out. Pinning now! Thanks for posting!

Mandy Ford said...

Gah they are so adorable! I would have never thought to use a sponge...genius! :)

The Thrifty Challenge said...

These are super cute. It looks so easy and adorable. I think I'm going to need to copy this idea as a gift.
lisa @ the thrifty challenge