November 8, 2012

Satin Flower Headband Tutorial

A few weeks ago my sweet baby niece Leila came over to stay overnight. It's really nice to have another girl in the house, because, you know, I exist in an environment of testosterone. She's too young for manicures and tea parties, but I CAN dress her up in cute headbands and dresses. YES!
I whipped up a sweet headband before my sister dropped her off and of course we headed out for a mini photo shoot.
Are you ready to make one of your own?
You will need:
> Glue gun
> Scissors
> Needle and thread
> Elastic
> Felt 
> Small beads
> Satin fabric
> Lighter
1. Cut 9 circles from your satin fabric. I didn't measure them per say, but they are around 2 1\2 inches across. Each flower has 3 layers.
2. Burn the edges of your circle letting it curl up.
3. Repeat this process for each layer of your flower, making each petal smaller. You can either cut each petal smaller or burn it more. The fabric kind of shrivels up the longer it's burned.
4. Take your needle and thread and start sewing from underneath the flower, adding a pearl bead with each stitch.
5. Sew three pearls to your flower and tie off your thread. Repeat this process for each of your three flowers.
6. Cut your felt in an oval shape about 4 inches long. Cut your elastic according to who your are making the headband for.
Here are the measurements I use:
(Newborn) -13 inches
(3-6 months) -15 inches
(6 months-3 years) -16 inches
(4 years-adult) -17 inches
7. Glue your elastic to your felt and let dry.
8. Glue your flowers to the felt and let dry.
9. Trim the felt around the flowers so you can't see it when it's worn.
That's it! Enjoy your headband with your favorite outfit, or use it to dress up your favorite niece like I did. Swoon!
I also stenciled the onsie Leila is wearing, you can find the tutorial HERE.


southernscraps said...

So pretty and so perfect for her. She looks so sweet wearing that headband.

Michelle said...

This is adorable! I'm your newest follower from Take-a-look-Tuesday. I will definitely be using this tutorial, thanks!
Michelle @

Ashley said...

Adorable, and her shirt/onesie is so sweet!
Hopped over from Sugar Bee Crafts :)