July 10, 2012

5 Things Tuesday >> Creative Road Trip Ideas For Kids

"The number 5 is my favorite, hence my need to pick 5 things that tickle my fancy every Tuesday"

Within the next few weeks the kids and I (minus the hubs) will be taking a long road trip to visit my mom in San Francisco. Although I am over the moon excited to get out of dodge and see my favorite city I'm a little nervous about the car ride. I would desperately like to avoid the whining, complaining and "are we there yet" comments if at all possible. So I thought I would TRY to arm myself with a few things to spice up the car ride. So today's 5 things are all about kids and car rides. I'm looking for creative ways to keep the boys occupied.

Craft Box \ Snack Case 

Kids Scavenger Hunt

License Plate Game Worksheet

"How Much Longer" Timeline

Magnetic Family Story Board

Here's to road trippin and new adventures.

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Natalie Ensor said...

These are fantastic ideas! Seriously LOVE!