June 13, 2012

DIY >> How To Pierce Your Nose

So I know this is kind of a weird DIY project, but I received so many comments and emails from people wanting to know how I pierced my own nose. So if you are squeamish or simply just don't care to see me with a needle in my nose I totally understand, just come back tomorrow for my normal crafty or recipe related post. I'm not mad at ya! :)

I decided to pierce my own nose because of two reasons. Number one: I'm cheap, probably the cheapest person you have ever met. Obviously cheap enough to pierce my own nose. Number two: I knew it was possible because my sister pierced her own nose a few years ago.

>>I have to stress that this is only my personal experience. I do not claim to be an expert in piercing. I simply did my own research online and took direction from my sister.

The most important thing about this entire process is to make sure everything is clean and sterilized. I avoided a lot of pain and any type of infection because I was a freak about keeping everything clean.

You will need:
>> Sewing needle {the same width as your nose ring}
>> Nose Ring Stud {I bought mine at Walmart, classy I know. It was a .22 gauge}
>> Alcohol Swab
>> Peroxide
>> Q-tips

First things first, clean your nose really well with an alcohol swab taking off all your makeup. While looking online a few sites suggested that if your face was broken out to wait until it cleared up to avoid infection. Mine was not, which was a small miracle, so I went ahead. Haha.
Then make a mark with a pen (small dot) on your nose where you want the ring to go. When you are happy with the location you are ready to start.
This is the fun part, haha just kidding. You are going to push your needle through your nose by pushing it a few times. I pushed the needle only three times and it was through my nose. Just be careful not to poke the inside of your nose, that would hurt man.
Take a few deep breathes, wipe your eyes, cause they are gonna be watering.

The worst part is done. Remove the needle and immediately put your nose ring in. The hole will close up super fast and you don't want your efforts going to waste.  I chose a stud that had a tiny ball at the end, which made it a little tough to push through, don't give up, you can do it! 
The I used my Q-tips to put peroxide on my nose ring from the inside and out.  I kept putting peroxide on my nose every few hours, because, like I said, I was a freak about keeping it clean. The area around the ring was a little swollen for two days but after that felt normal.

I have NO regrets about my nose ring OR the fact that I did it myself. I love it. Swoon.
I hope I have answered any of your questions about my nose ring, or at least quenched your curiosity by posting the pictures, and like I said in the beginning this post reflects only my own experience. 
So there ya go, a DIY post about piercing, only at Gingerbread. :)


Alesha said...

Wow! This is awesome. =) I don't know that I'd have the guys to do this, but I think it's awesome that you did. =)
Alesha <3

sandandstarfish said...

I've pierced my own ears before... but this... kinda sorta gave me a small anxiety attack thinking about doing it to myself!!! LOL!!
I remember feeling like I was going to faint while doing my ears, it was a pretty big gauge I was using but my nose... oh how I've longed to have my nose pierced!

One of these days I'm going to get the courage to do it myself :) thanks for the crazy anxiety creating tutorial ;) I'll bookmark it for reference!!!

The Bold Abode said...

You go girl! I pierced my own ears (the second and third holes) but alas, the time for nose piercing has passed, me thinks... Yours looks tots coolio...

Lena @ Mom2MemphisAndRuby said...

You're so brave! I had mine done professionally, it didn't hurt much, but I'm way too wimpy to do it myself!
It looks good!

{Amy} said...

looks super cute on you, love it!!

Danni Baird @ Silo Hill Farm said...

Oh I so want to do that!! I don't know if I have the nerve! Maybe I should get all of the stuff and just look at it for a few days like I do when I'm about to try a new craft!!! Thanks for sharing...and we'll see!

Nichole @ Yeung Mother Hubbard said...

I knew I like you! I have pierced my ears at least 6 times... With a sewing needle and a potato. My parents thought I was crazy... But my dad did help shove the earring through the first at home piercing. ;)

Mindy Harris said...

you are awesome, sistah! i love it love it love it! hot mama! so cool that you had the gumption to do it yourself. i thought my nose ring hurt like a mother for the few days following...much worse than actually getting it done.
u are totes adorable.

Michelle said...

wow that is so hardcore!! i have a lot of ear piercings but i don't think i could ever do a piercing myself.

Mindie Hilton said...

I pieced my third ear hole myself in college but alas not sure I could do the nose, I don't think it would look good on me. Looks great on you. Thanks for sharing.

Stacy Sews and Schools said...

WOW!!! And I thought I was crazy for having a friend do mine!!! LOL WTG!!!! Dang! LOL

-Kelsey Coghill said...

wow. that is nuts!!
my friend and I pierced our ears in college with push pins and it was pretty disgusting.... but this is a whole new level... but awesome that it didn't get infected!!!

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Good on ya! I had mine done professionally and wore a ring for the first 6-8 weeks; it made it easier to clean etc. When I was in my 20's, I pierced my own ears at home much like you did. It's great to find someone with your guts!

Melanie @ bear rabbit bear said...

Wow! Brave of you to do this yourself and to share it! So glad you linked this to Things I've Done Thursday!

Holly in Wonderland said...

you have balls! and after reading the comments, alot of you have balls! haha I would never have the guts to try this myself, but it looks awesome. I like it!!

FancyFrancy said...

wow!!! I pierced my own belly button (twice, long story) back in high school. 7 years later I look back and almost don't believe it!!

Andrea @ Decorating Cents said...

I would have passed out during the process. I can't inflict pain on myself like that. I have a friend that had her nose pierced and she said it didn't hurt too bad which was surprising to me.

Navy Wifey Peters said...

I wanna pierce my lip... hmmm... I wonder if I can do that myself!

Breeann said...

You have major guts, my friend! I don't think I could ever pierce anything on myself :) It looks great on you! xoxo