May 30, 2012

Recipe >> New Mexico Style Albondigas Soup

The weather here in Southern California has been surprisingly cool for the end of May,
so I decided to make a big pot of soup for dinner. I love soup, but their aren't very many I actually like. Boo I know, but I really loved this recipe! This soup has a very hearty feel because it has meatballs in it, so even the husband loved it alongside a few warmed tortillas.

You will need:
> 4 Cups (two 1-pound cans) tomatoes
> 2 Cups Beef Bouillon
> 1 1\2 Teaspoon Chili Powder
> 2 Teaspoons Salt
> 2 1\2 Cups Boiling Water
> 1 1\2  Pound Ground Beef
> 1 Slice of Dry Bread
> 1 Egg, Beaten
> 1 Garlic Clove, Minced
> 1\4 teaspoon Each of Crumbled Dry Mint, Ground Sage and Pepper
> 1 Medium Onion, Chopped
> 2 Tablespoons Cooking Oil

Add tomatoes, bouillon, chili powder, 1 teaspoon salt and add water. Bring to a boil until about one fourth of the liquid evaporates. 

In a separate bowl combine ground beef, crumbled dry bread, remaining salt, and all other ingrediants except oil and onion. Brown onion in pan and oil until the onions are brown, then take onion out and throw away. Shape meatballs into 3\4-inch balls and brown in the hot oil, turning frequently.  Add meatballs to soup mixture, cover and simmer for 1 hour.

Then strain soup mixture. I placed a strainer over the bowl I was going to serve the soup in. Strain the liquid into your bowl and spoon meatballs out and place back into soup. This removes the tomato dices and leaves a thin broth for your meatballs.
Happy cooking friends!


Kelly said...

love albondigas. i've never had it with tomato. looks Yum. thanks for sharing this recipe.

Gwen said...

Looks fabulous! Yum!

Heather said...

Cute blog!

Michelle said...

Looks like a recipe my family would enjoy!! Thanks for sharing and I am a new follower! I hope you have a great weekend coming up!!