July 31, 2011

colors of the fair.....

the fair is full of lovely colors...
its by far one of the funnest places we go to during the summer.
loves. have you been?

what i wore {to the fair}

sunnies: old navy
top: target
jeans: kohls
sandals: walmart-these are so comfy and only 10 bucks!
necklace: vintage

happy sunday friends!

July 30, 2011

i really did it!

remember when i told you I had {never} been on a ferris wheel and then totally promised that i would at the fair? well i did it, but to be honest, the entire experience almost never happened! the ride states you cant ride alone, woops, who's gonna go with me? Dylan{who is 3} was all about it until we were actually standing in front of the ride, then he totally bailed on me. aaron couldn't go because he had to watch dylan, so that left my sweet sweet 10 year old kaleb, who hates rides. um, ya.....
at first he said no, even after i begged he said no. so i told him to think about it, its no fun if i was going to force him on the ride, i don't think that's fair...
but after playing games for a while he said ok, and it was the sweetest thing he could have done for me....i {heart} you kaleb!
we were ok in line and when we first sat down in the cart thingy.....but then it started to rise up into the air and my kaleb had a full.on.panic.attack.
and you know that ride stops and starts to let more people on....
what was i going to do?
the only thing i could think of was to pray.
we prayed, and prayed and then we prayed some more....
we were both terrified, but we did it, together.
thank you kaleb, momma loves you!
and i will never ask you to go on the ferris wheel again....promise.
are you proud of me, cause i was REALLY scared! ha!

July 28, 2011

inspiration : beachy {vinatge style}

really? is it thursday already? is it {really} the end of july? this summer is zooming by and i can't believe its almost over. kaleb goes back to school in just a few short weeks!
i am {really} happy that today's topic for gussy's inspiration workshop is the beach! going to the beach is one of the boys favorite things to do in the summer....even though we live a good 45 minutes away! here are some of my favorite pinterest finds...

Source: imgfave.com via April on Pinterest

these make me wanna pack my bags and head to the beach! have you been to the beach this summer? whats your favorite part? I love looking for shells with the kids and digging my feet in the sand. SOOOO relaxing!

July 27, 2011

{favorite} finds

here are three of this weeks favorite finds from my thrift store shopping.
you don't even wanna know how much how much i spent, it was a 50 percent off day!
the quilt is made from polyester squares, which i have never seen before, but i love it!
have you found and thrifty goodness?
link up below! I wanna see....

what i wore {to church}

so i am trying really hard to work taking these pictures into my routine so i can post them. this was my outfit for church last week. it was so comfy and i was able to wear my new bow. i have admit that i dont get to dress up as much as i want to. i somehow always end up staying in my comfy jeans and t-shirts, hopefully doing wiww will give me a reason to cutesy myself up! 

sunglasses: old navy
earrings: thrifted
white shirt: walmart
gray cardi: target (but my son pulled off a button, woops, gotta sew that)
skirt: thrifted
shoes: kohls
purse: thrifted

happy wednesday friends, what did you wear?


July 26, 2011

sprinkles make me feel better

why can't this be my dinner?
i guess i will settle for snack time...

home tour : dylans' room

dylans room is full of vintage goodies that i have found over the last few years. i opted against having a "theme" because i just couldn't stick to one, i kept finding random things that i loved, and so i just decided to have his room be a hodge podge of his favorite kinds of things, which are toys, hats, noise makers and his art.
do you remember lincoln logs and tinker toys? oh my dylan {loves} them, if you have a boy i highly recommend them! after i took these pictures he actually went in his room and dumped them all out, he is playing with them now...ha!
dylan {loves} to draw at his desk- which is the kitchen table. he has set up a place where he draws, paints and generally does very important things, just like his dad. he is my sweet little businessman.
chalk! we love chalk, so i drew his name on the wall.
the bright colored quilt is actually my husbands from when he was a boy, both the boys used it, and its one of my favorite things.
this sweet little indian costume was my dads from the 50's! 

 quilts, vintage books, bunting, tinker toys {oh my!}
vintage love...

July 25, 2011

crock pot recipes : spaghetti sauce

today's crock pot recipe was also a dinner date, with my boys....
i decided to make dinner a bit different by making it a little fancy and outside on our patio. 
i should really do that more often when it isn't {terribly} hot. its breezy here in so cal, and i loved hearing my wind chime make its music while we ate.
this recipe is really easy and by far the best spaghetti sauce i have ever had, no, really! 
it is my friends' recipe- so thank you monica!
its half home-made and half cheater, so it tastes like its from scratch, but wont take 2 hours to cook. thank.goodness! :)
you will need:
* 1 large jar of prego spaghetti sauce {that's the cheater part}
* 1 large can of olives {chopped}
* 1 large can of mushrooms {chopped}
* 1 small onion finely chopped
* 1 {lb.} ground beef
* 1 {lb.} ground italian sausage
* 1 tablespoon garlic powder
* dash of salt
* dash of pepper

1. Pour sauce, mushroom, olives and onion in crock pot.
2. brown italian sausage and ground beef, drain and pour into crock pot
3. cook on low for 3-4 hours
4. add garlic, salt and pepper
5. spoon sauce over noodles

you will love this, its delish!

questions {answered}

                                                                                                  Source: interiordesignroom.blogspot.com via Megan on Pinterest

at the moment i am unable to respond to the comments posted in my comments sections.  so i thought it would be fun to answer them in a post.

where do you find your vintage fabric?
i buy all of my vintage fabric from estate and garage sales. the bows i am making now are from fabric bought from an estate sale. sometimes i find a few yards at a time, but if im really lucky i find a family who has boxes and boxes of fabric. when i find situations like that i try to buy all of the fabric, because i can always find a project for it. i can {never} say no to vintage fabric, its one of my weaknesses!

what kind of camera do you have?
i bought a canon rebel from a camera shop a few months ago. i am still getting used to the settings and lens. it was used, but in great condition, i hope in the next few years i will be able to buy a new camera or a new lens.

why not make an afghan?
well i posted before my love for afghans and how i cant seem to find any to buy. i would LOVE to crochet and blanket, but i have a few medical conditions that make it really hard to knit or crochet. i used to knit scarves as a hobby and for gifts but it made the joints in my hands and wrists swell and hurt, so that's not really an option anymore. so im still on the lookout for an affordable afghan, if you see one on etsy email me please! :)

you have never been on a ferris wheel?
oh my this is so embarrassing...but no i haven't. i have a huge fear of heights, and when i was little i NEVER went on any rides. now i go on rides with my kids, but i don't ride scary roller coasters....they totally freak me out! i would go on a ferris wheel, but i just havent gotten around to it, but guess what? I am going to the OC fair this weekend, i am going to challenge myself to go on one....so i will post those pictures next week! YAY!

where did you get your camera strap?
awww, i love my sweet ruffle camera strap. it was a gift from my mom for my birthday this year. she bought it from Shey (B) camera accessories. i love it!

how did you widen the margins on your blog?
i have spent one too many long nights and nap times google{ing} how-to's for my blog. i was getting sooo frustrated with how it looked and how i wanted it to look. i have found a lot of helpful CSS codes and ways to edit your HTML code. to be honest, it has taken me a long time to learn how to do it, but i don't have the money to pay someone, so i HAD to learn for myself. if you go into your HLML code you need to change your margins to 1250. if you haven't messed with them, they are probably at 1000, change that to 1250. Always preview any changes you make to your HTML code BEFORE you save it.
im not gonna lie, i cant change everything yet, but i have learned a lot. my blog has kinda become my creative outlet, not only the post, but also the blog design, so i know i change it a lot, but i always have new ideas for it.

do you have any other questions for me? about my blog or shop? leave them in the comments section and i would love to answer them! 
have a great day friend!

July 24, 2011

hair bow : {winner}

congrats tori! email me with your address friend!
check out the bows here, they are waiting for ya! 

July 23, 2011


these are un-edited photos of our drive home from las vegas, shot from the car.
completely amazing.

When I admire the wonder of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in worship of the Creator
 Mahatma Gandhi 

i am going to take a deep breath today and enjoy!

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