February 28, 2011

virtual coffee

if we were having coffee this morning I would tell you I made this for dinner last night:

oh my..it was good! Its a cheater version of this recipe. I cheated by using these ingredients instead of cooking it from scratch.

So I used:

1 can of tomato soup
1 teaspoon of hot sauce
1/2 cup of half and half
3 tablespoons blue cheese

It was yummy...you should try it...

But this cheater version really got me thinking. Like how do people make stuff from scratch? I am in awe of boggers who cook from scratch. I will always cheat when it is possible. Whether its driving through McDonald's when I'm sick or using canned soup instead of peeling tomatoes. 

At this point I would look at you and pray to God you felt the same way? Or maybe you wouldn't want to have coffee with me again...hahahaha

Maybe if you cheat you would have a great recipe for me? Or maybe we could schedule a play date at McDonald's...you never know? :)

It could happen...

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February 27, 2011

lovely monday

another monday
and its lovely because I got my hair did.
thanks mom
thanks missy
you are lovely
and so is my hair
im a marilyn.

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February 25, 2011

this is an invitation

spring this is for you
i miss you
a lot
I miss the sunshine, the heat, the birds chirping and the flowers blooming.
I miss flip flops and tank tops. Those are comfy.
So if you happen to be driving by my house this wreath is your invitation. Come in whenever you want. I am waiting with a drawer full of clothes and little boys going stir crazy in the house. 
I'm just saying...
we could be best friends....
it could be fun, just think about it.

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link love and an estate sale

so this morning I hauled my kids to an estate sale before school even started...don't judge...hahaha
well I found some swell cookware to cook some yummy soup and make a delish bunt cake...see it totally benefits them! :)

Super cute right?
OK...here is some link love for ya...

I really want to make these cameo plates of the boys...they look so simple and vintage!

And I think kaleb would love this art project. It looks challenging enough for his age but still doable creative wise...

Lastly, I made reservations to go camping with my boys in June...so I think making these would make the cooking so much easier...I got this link from shauna!

wow all that and it's only 9:30...woosh! :)
thank you for your well wishes for my sick boys. They are feeling better...but both had nightmares last night and woke up crying...the life of a mom right? hahaha
I will sleep eventually.

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February 23, 2011

rainbow cookies

seriously? Another kid is sick...is it ever going to end? Is it just my house? My kids? Another day inside the house left to our own devices...which mostly involves T.V., toys and naps. One with bronchitis and another with the stomach flu...yuk right?
I can't wait for spring. I can almost feel the warm sunshine and imagine myself wearing flip flops and tank tops. Won't that be great? I can see myself at the beach looking for seashells with the kids....woops...I got a little carried away...hahaha
Anyways...out of shear boredom I decided to make cookies with the kids...I have seen on a few blogs these fun rainbow cookies you can make WITH your kids. Which is just what I needed...an activity slash snack that would eat up some of our day.

I used my grandma's sugar cookie recipe which is delish!

Can I tell you something? This is the FIRST project or recipe my 9 year old has enjoyed in a long time...he made 99% of the cookies all by himself...I loved it! 

Wish me luck...I am praying that tomorrow I will wake up to healthy boys and sunny skies!


February 22, 2011

virtual coffee

good morning,

if we were meeting and having this:

  I would tell you that I have a confession. 
I can't stop crafting. I have had these projects in my brain that I feel have to be created. Even if they are small last minute ideas.
Do you ever do that? 
I literally stayed up until midnight the other day making this:

Um ya..I know what you're thinking. Really? That? :)
I know...its not even a great or cool project...but I COULD NOT SLEEP until this collage thing was made.
I kept thinking buttons, map, picture and flower...I have to do it...:)
I made a mess of the living room and stayed up way too late, but when it was done I took a deep breath and felt better...like I had accomplished something. 
Maybe it's because I have been in the house with sick kids for a week, with the exception of a snow day. 
I dunno...I would ask YOU if you ever did that.
And then if you said yes...I would feel better...
Maybe you could share your project and tell me all about it?
That would be fun.

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February 21, 2011


i really didn't think I could make these.
I thought at some point I would forget an ingredient, mess up the measurements or burn them. :)I have been known to set off a smoke alarm or two by forgetting garlic bread in the oven!
but I didn't.
You can find the recipe here

I went through all the steps and made the best pretzels ever. Which is a big deal because I don't make anything from scratch.:)
The boys loved them, and I didn't even add any mustard, they were that tasty. AND I didn't burn the house down...Hahaha
I loved the idea of making them into hearts, letters or numbers! So fun!

February 20, 2011

snow day

the best thing about living in california is that you can drive an hour and end up at the beach or drive an hour in the other direction and end up at the snow.
today we woke up, ate breakfast and made a spontaneous decision to head north to the snow.
those are the best days...when you have no plans or expectations....
except when your 3 year old doesn't have snow boots...woops...
then you head to Kohl's and buy some carters hiking boots clearanced for 2 bucks....it worked people... :)

We had the BEST time...
memories forever...









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