November 7, 2011

cowl tutorial

Brr. It's been rainy and cold here the past week. Guess what? I love it! I have been digging out my flannels, coats and scarves, thinking about Ugg boots and red Starbucks cups full of yummy coffee.
I ran across a really creative sweetheart last week. Tamara's blog Ectetorize is a great place to find all thing knitted and sewn. Loves. She posted a tutorial to Sweet Saturday last week that I fell in love with. It involved an empty ice cream jug. No really. Genius!
I decided to try it out this weekend. I have a hard time knitting like I used to since I was diagnosed with Sjogrens, so this method is perfect for me, my hands don't hurt at all. I modified it a little because I didn't have an ice cream jug, so I bought a large package of plastic containers. 
These worked great but were a bit small, next time I will look for bigger containers. 
Make sure you have an odd number of spokes, I made that mistake the first time.
What do you think? I used yarn I already had to practice the first time. My next cowl will  be made with thick fluffy yarn. I can't wait!
Check out Tamara's blog, she is super creative!
Happy crafting!


beckaboots said...

I've been wanting to make a cowl for so long and I don't know how to knit. I'm so glad you posted this! I'm going to try it out this weekend.

If Work Permits

Alida - Radcrafter said...

Great idea! My daughter would love one of these.


Summer said...