August 23, 2011


Do you see that big happy/proud face? That's my little baby boy Dylan, well it seems he's not that little any more. You cant really be so little if they let you into preschool right? He isn't that sweet little baby who I used to wrap up like a burrito and rock to sleep. 
Sadly those times are over for this momma. He started preschool yesterday, well the orientation. Aaron and I stayed with him, walked around and visited all of the centers his teacher set up. We practiced using the drinking fountain, read a book, introduced ourselves to the teacher and made a first day of school hat. He was so happy, and annoyed at the same time that he couldn't go outside and play on the playground. Actually, he was {really} pissed off we couldn't go play, and had a meltdown. That's my Dylan, strong willed and opinionated. 
I cant believe today will be his first day by himself, alone, without me or Aaron. I am essentially sending him out into the world, and I would be lying if I said I was OK with it.
But just look how happy he is....
He loved drawing on this chalkboard.
Markers are always fun.
Showing off his first day of school certificate.
My lovely baby boy.
Today when I drop him off I am supposed to go walking and exercise, but to tell you the truth I don't know what I will do? Eat bagels, go to the thrift store and spend money I don't have? Who knows, I'm just going to accept this milestone for what it is, 
Dylan's moment....
and I'm going to let him have it.


theolivetree said...

How brave are you!!? My oldest starts kindergarten next year and I already want to cry thinking about it! p.s how adorable is he?

Karen said...

I'm so happy that he is enjoying it! Enjoy your bagel!

Sunshine said...

How adorable! Dont cry!

Kelly said...

Hooray for a happy first day!

karen marie said...

first day of school! yay!!! <3 hope you are both feeling happy and celebratory :) you two are too cute.

Jean said...

Markers are a preschoolers best friend. They love it! So, as a Preschool teacher, I am just giving you a warm warning... your son may come home w/ marker hands... even though it says "washable" I swear, it doesn't wash off nicely... You literally have to scrub some of it off (sometimes).

All in all, it's super sad of letting him go to school... but it's a good thing for everyone! It seems like he had a really good first day! I love taking photos, printing them out & sharing it w/ my student & their family! Plus, you'll get future hand made gifts/artwork from Dylan... and it'll be all from him :)

That's so funny! I have that same exact kitchen set in my my classroom!! :)

katie said...

He looks so happy!