July 16, 2011

crock pot recipes : tortilla soup

you will need:
* 3 chicken breasts, boned, skinned and cubed
* 1 onion chopped {you can buy the pre-diced package, use 1 cup}
* 1 clove garlic, crushed { 1 tablespoon if using jarred garlic}
* 3 medium tomatoes { 1 cup if using prediced}
* 4 cups chicken broth
* 1/4 teaspoon salt
* 1 small can diced green chiles, drained
* chopped fresh cilantro
* 1 cup yellow corn tortilla chips
* 1 cup shredded cheese

1. combine chicken, onion, tomatoes, garlic, broth, salt and green chiles into crock pot. 
2. cook on low for 6 hours.
3. use a potato masher to separate chicken chunks in crock pot, usually only takes a minute.
4. top soup with tortilla chips, cheese and cilantro!


Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Your the crock pot queen! This looks easy and sounds fantastic! Thanks for another great recipe

Laura said...

Oh my gosh, this looks amazing! I am definitely going to try this (and I'm going to pin it to pinterest right now).

Sarah B. said...

I love crockpot soups! This one looks delicious - thanks for sharing ;)

The Miller's said...



chelsea {joy} said...

ohhh yummy! i am trying this :) sounds delicious!

Amber said...

I'm a new reader (found you via The Miller's blog above) and so far I'm loving it. I'm very excited to try out some of your crockpot recipes.

Honey at 2805 said...

Love tortilla soup and using a crock pot is a great idea!

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