November 26, 2010

it was humbling

well it was humbling.
for reals
i wasn't sure what to expect at ALL.
I went to a warehouse used by Operation Christmas Child
to volunteer to help ship SOME of the bazillion shoe boxes
people donate...
wonderful people.

for reals...

It was hard work
it was cold
and long
but great

the other people volunteering were funny and happy
it was a memorable experience
Every hour the pastor would say a prayer for all the children the boxes would reach
to imagine that our hands were the lands ones that would touch the boxes before
it reached the children was amazing...
just amazing.
for reals.

the boxes we checked were going to Mongolia.
I learned that there is such a need for boxes that every child that gets one will only receive one once their entire life...there are that many needy kids in the world! That was a humbling thought.

I worked with people who drove ALL the way from Arizona...and we were in Irvine California!!
all that way...amazing
I found a check in one box for $100
people have the amazing ability to give selflessly

for reals...

November 23, 2010

vintage kitchens

I love the colors so much...yes please...

ok I'll give it up....

So this is my beloved
jalapeno corn casserole recipe
its sure to be a staple in
your house after you try it...

its that good
for reals

I ONLY make it on thanksgiving and Christmas
even though my sister in law and her husband want it all the time...:)
I love them...

So here it is and I hope you try it and love it too!!


2 (8 ounce) packages cream cheese, softened
1/2 cup butter or margarine, melted
1 (32) ounce bag frozen corn, cooked and drained well
1 cup milk
4 tablespoons all purpose flour
1 tablespoon canned chopped jalapeno peppers

6-8 servings

1. using electric mixer, mix cream cheese and butter very well.
2. Gradually mix in milk
3. mix in flour and jalapenos
4. gently stir in corn
5. pour into greased casserole dish and cook at 350 for one hour until top is golden brown..

***If you like spicy food I would add more jalapenos...this recipe makes it pretty mild...:)

Happy Cooking!!!

November 22, 2010

all done up

A few more pics from my sister-n-laws wedding....
enough said...

these boys

these boys are so funny
typical boys
to be happy they don't need much


Some Chinese food and a new movie.....

dylan loves fruit...a lot


new slippers...

this game is soooo cool...pictureka....we had so much fun...kinda like wheres waldo..

I have been sick the past few days
but I'm feeling better now...
and did you know Thanksgiving is this week
well i didn't
where has the time gone
i think i missed out on November all together
I will be making my jalapeno corn casserole
your going to love it
I will post the recipe soon

November 19, 2010

hello friday

happy Friday friends
I'm obsessed with this band
they make me feel good
like I wanna get in my car 
and drive to San Fransisco
and have an adventure.

maybe go to Chinatown
or fisherman's wharf
I could even take the kids...
i guess...
I have a vivid imagination
can you tell?

I will post something 
actually interesting later...


November 18, 2010

no one's perfect

Ok ladies
I have commented on 2 blogs 
already where my comment contained the phrase
"no ones perfect"

Why do we feel the need to be "perfect"
Are any of use really whipping up
fresh meals
appropriate discipline
a sparkling house
and a happy face all the time?

I hope not, cause if you are I'm screwed!! lol

I for one had a long night with a boy who had a melt down...
it was a long night.
So we drove through McDonald's for breakfast.
and I don't even feel bad
I have a house to clean
dog poop to pick up
a dog to feed
a dishwasher to empty
and I have to already think about what we are going to eat for dinner....
when all I really want to do is hit the thrift store circut and find some treasures....:)

but that's life and
no ones perfect


November 16, 2010

sounds good

Florence I'm not sure who you are but the dog days are definitely over.....
thank you...

November 15, 2010

pictures pictures pictures

I love my family
so much.
Here are some random pictures
no reason
just because.


November 11, 2010

Santas, my boys, bee happy and a wreath

Not even in that order..
Just for the record
this posting makes no sense.
Im sick
I have slept all day
all because of these 
Santa Ana winds...

BUT...on a sweeter note
when I was with kaleb all day on our
awesome date dyaln
went to grandma and pappys
so when dylan came home and they hadnt seen eachother all
this is what happened
total and utter sweetness

So cute right....

I found these santa mugs at the thrift store and fell in love...
I have seen them on other blogs like here... 
but I had never found them myself
so I was pretty happy

Another great thing is this...

So cute right...its free and you can print it here

And lastly I made this and I love it...more wreaths...I know...I know...

Thats all
gotta go watch my boyfriend DAMON on vampire diaries!!!

November 10, 2010

My big date....

I had a date......with my oldest son
we had the best time
we went to the book store
got some Starbucks
had a yummy dinner
just what we both needed


He is pretty silly..can you tell?? He was like...wait wait...take another picture...lols
funny stuff man...:)